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Top 5 EU countries for moving and starting a business

The flow of people who want to move to the countries of the European Union is only increasing over the years. Everyone has their own reasons for changing their place of residence: finding a high-paying job, studying, moving to relatives, etc. However, the EU countries are good not only for hired work, but also for running their own business. Conditions in different countries are radically different, so before the trip you should pay special attention to the choice of the location of the business.

Advantages of doing business abroad

The most obvious advantage of doing business in the European Union is convenient conditions. Due to the fact that they are different in all countries, an entrepreneur can choose a suitable option for the development of the business. The next advantage is new horizons. At home, certain niches are already occupied or are not in demand at all, while in Europe it is possible to actively develop in the chosen direction. Due to the vast and diverse territory of the EU, an entrepreneur can choose a suitable field: tourism, agriculture, fishing industry, etc.

But we must not forget about competition, so doing business in Europe is an excellent motivation to develop a company and make it competitive.


This country occupies a leading place in this list, because it offers foreign entrepreneurs the easiest possible procedure for registering a business: the cost of the procedure is just over twenty euros, and the corporate income tax in Montenegro is the lowest in the European Union – 9%. The prices are pleasant – renting a residential space will cost an average of 300 euros for a one-bedroom apartment, and you can rent an office for a company for 12 euros per square meter. A separate advantage is the close mentality of the population. They are a leisurely people who first of all appreciate the family and treat Slavic immigrants with warmth.


Thanks to the program of granting citizenship for investment, this country has become popular among businessmen and those who want to invest in its development. To obtain a passport for a year, it is enough to invest from 750 thousand euros. The income tax for business here is not as pleasant as in the case of Montenegro, and is 35%, but the tax system is simple and clear. Such a high tax is compensated by the prices for renting real estate-an office can be rented for only 8 euros per unit of area, and this is 70% cheaper than in the rest of the European Union. Renting a one-room apartment will cost 400 euros per month. The average salary in Malta is also lower than in the EU, so it is profitable to hire workers here.


Foreigners can start a business in Germany in different ways thanks to various programs offered by the state. There is no corruption in the country, the state allocates subsidies and gives loans to businessmen on favorable terms. There is a high standard of living and good ecology, which is an undoubted plus when moving. Taxes are high, about 50%, but this is compensated by pleasant prices for food and housing. Due to the fact that the state supports business immigrants, Germany has become one of the most popular countries among residents of the post-Soviet space seeking to move there for permanent residence.


The Czech Republic has a relatively low income tax – 21%, which creates acceptable conditions for business development. Advantages of business immigration to the Czech Republic are a similar mentality, a stable economic situation, as well as a simple procedure for registering a company and continuing doing business. Czech Republic is a safe country that takes care of its residents, providing social support. Prices are much lower than in the rest of the European Union, and education is free even for foreigners. There is no corruption in the country, so it is not difficult to register and run a business.


This country is attractive for foreign businessmen because it is located nearby and develops its economy steadily and quickly. Companies are required to deduct a relatively small tax – 19% of income. Poland has an excellent education, so it is not difficult to find qualified specialists for hiring. Prices for food and housing are low – a studio apartment costs 360 euros per month. As for commercial real estate, the average price here is 8-16 euros per square meter, depending on the region. Thanks to the stable development of the economy, the pace of which is three times higher than the EU average, Poland has pleasant conditions for promising business.

Doing business in Europe is promising and not as difficult as it may seem at first glance, if you understand the legislation of the chosen country, analyze competitors and the labor market. With the right choice of business direction and country, you can achieve excellent results, develop your business and, thanks to this, move to a developed country of the European Union.

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