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Citizenship of one of the EU countries!

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Citizenship of Bulgaria

You can become a full-fledged European citizen and enjoy privileges of the new status by obtaining passport of the Republic of Bulgaria. Legal grounds for immigration, a list of documents and benefits.


Citizenship of Romania

Immigration to the European Union by obtaining Romanian citizenship. Professional advice, legal assistance at all stages of the migration process until obtaining Romanian documents.


Citizenship of Slovenia

How to become a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia and get status of the European Union resident? Get information about immigration grounds, assistance in preparing documents and full legal support.


Citizenship of Estonia

Estonian citizenship. Grounds for obtaining a passport, comparison of the most popular ways for obtaining EU citizenship.


Citizenship of Hungary

Legal grounds for obtaining Hungarian citizenship, proven methods of immigration to the European Union. All about the process of obtaining Hungarian passport and necessary documents.


Citizenship of Slovakia

Immigration to the European Union through citizenship of Slovakia. Official programs for obtaining a passport of the Slovak Republic, advantages of European Union residence.


Citizenship of French

How to get a French passport? Grounds for granting French citizenship, requirements for the applicant, verified options.


Citizenship of German

Procedure for obtaining German citizenship. Legal requirements, features of the procedure, advantages of a German passport.


Citizenship of Jersey

Procedure for obtaining Jersey citizenship. Conditions for obtaining citizenship, legal requirements, process of passport registration.


Citizenship of Lithuanian

Procedure for obtaining Lithuanian citizenship. Conditions, requirements, available programs for obtaining a Lithuanian passport.


Citizenship of Caymans

Proven ways to obtain citizenship and passport of the Cayman Islands. Process of the procedure, requirements for the applicant, aspects of the legislation.

Guarantee of success in obtaining citizenship of the European Union

Eucitizensship - experts in the field of international migration legislation, which closely monitor changes in the regulatory and legal documents of each European state.


Individual Confidentiality


Official Registration


Attention To detail


Maintaining Confidentiality


Full Support


Professional Solutions


Travel without restrictions

Citizens of the EU countries have the right to cross borders of more than 170 countries without the need for entry visas.


Best opportunities on the international labor market with a decent salary are open for holders of European passport.


Being resident of an EU country means conducting business, buying residential and commercial real estate on favorable terms.


European citizen has the right to receive high-quality medical care, study at the best universities in Europe and enjoy social benefits.


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Initial consultation

Leave a request on the website, and migration expert of Eucitizensship will contact you, help you to choose the most suitable immigration program to the European Union.

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Signing the contract

We provide services officially, so we conclude an agreement with each client after receiving all the necessary documents, and certificates.

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Legal Support

Eucitizensship lawyers accompany you at all stages of obtaining EU citizenship, starting from the preparation of documents, ending with registration of an EU passport.

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Registration of documents

After receiving certificate of citizenship, our migration expert will help with registration of a passport, birth certificates and European documents.




I probably dreamed of living in the USA since childhood. I was there only once, when I was still studying at the university, and when I returned, I realized that I had completely fallen in love with this country. It is really difficult to move there, but I was looking everywhere for the opportunity to visit America more often. Thanks to the company Eucitizensship, I learned that with a European passport I can do everything!



Previously, there was not even a thought of moving to another country, but with time and age comes the wisdom of life. My husband and I decided to make global changes and began the process of obtaining Romanian citizenship. We have all the documents and certificates preserved in the family archive, but we did not dare to do everything on our own without the help of lawyers. Thank you very much! Eucitizensship, you are the best!



Entering the international market is a new stage of business development. That is why it was so important for me to find a reliable company that will help to properly prepare all the documents for obtaining Slovenian citizenship. Am I satisfied? Very! All stages of immigration were successfully completed, everything is legal and official. I don't have to worry — this is the most important thing. Highly recommended!

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Our consultation is in English only