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Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy

Eucitizensship collects information about the users of its website (https://eucitizensship.com/) to the extent necessary for the optimal provision of services (including the provision of information and the collection of opinions and comments through the website). All information collected will be used appropriately for the purposes set out below.

2. Scope of collected information

  1. This website collects information about domain names, IP addresses, access status and other information in the form of access logs.
  2. Some pages on this website use cookies. Cookies are information about the user, sent by a web server to the user's browser to distinguish the operator of the website on the user's computer from others, and stored on the user's computer. With the help of cookies, the website operator can collect information about the number of visits from the user's computer, the pages visited and so on. Eucitizensship, however, does not use cookies to collect any information that allows the identification of individual users. You can set your browser so that cookie functions do not work. Disabling cookies does not affect the ability to use the website.
  3. Users may be asked to register their name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information if they wish to use certain pages of the website, such as collecting feedback and comments. For inquiries submitted without using the inquiry form, the e-mail address of the inquirer will be displayed on the recipient side.
  4. Users must register their e-mail address with the site in order to use the e-mail delivery service. In addition, they may be asked to provide other information, if necessary.

3. Purposes of use

  1. The information collected will be used to provide you with an optimal service on this website.
  2. Users' e-mail addresses, telephone may be used to respond to their inquiries and contact them for confirmation.
  3. The information collected will be used to provide information via email. The recorded information will be used to create information that will be provided in the future.

4. Use of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to evaluate the use of the website. Google Analytics collects information about users by means of cookies. The Google Analytics terms and conditions and privacy policy can be found on the Google Analytics website. Eucitizensship is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of Google Analytics.

5. Restrictions on the use and sharing of information

Eucitizensship will not use the collected information for purposes other than those specified in paragraph 3, or make them available to third parties, unless the disclosure of information is required by violations such as unauthorized access or threats, or for other specific reasons have been detected.

6. Security measures

Eucitizensship takes the necessary measures to prevent and manage leakage, loss or destruction of the information collected. The analysis of the access status to this website and the user feedback received may be passed on to external organizations if deemed necessary for business reasons. In this case, Eucitizensship ensures that these external organizations take the necessary measures to properly manage

7. Scope of application

This privacy policy applies only to this website. Responsible organizations are responsible for processing information on the websites of other ministries and agencies.

8. Others

Eucitizensship may change its privacy policy from time to time. All future changes will be announced on this page.

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